Three new videos!

In case you missed it, I uploaded a video unboxing this really cute Nintendo switch controller by IINE! I also just uploaded a video of how I customize my Macbook Pro desktop which even has tips on how to customize your Google Chrome browser! My newest video upload is of me unboxing this cute and […]

One Sided Friendships

Have you ever been the friend that helps everyone but is the one who is always getting left out? Have you ever been the type of friend who gets excited about something but never has anyone to tell things to because no one ever really seems to care about said thing as much as you? […]

The new Myspace?

Were you ever obsessed with Myspace when you were younger? I was! I spent hours and hours trying to have the perfect layout and even made my own. Customizing the about me section with catchy phrases, scrolling text and glitter graphics. Myspace literally had us learning html just to make our profile look extra cute. […]

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